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Best Buy is an online consumer electronic comparison site that uses twitter to connect with customers by providing real time support on an international level to current and potential customers. Best Buy allow their technical support staff to connect with people via a shared twitter account @twelpforce to answer questions in real time.

Key success elements:

  • personalise and humanise the experience – Best Buy trusted their all of technical staff to tweet their expertise to customers
  • providing value – advice was provided to both existing and potential customers so all interested parties could join the conversation
  • providing real time support – Best Buy ensured the twitter account was adequately staffed, all technical staff are allowed to communicate through the account to ensure it was always alive and present
  • trust and guidelines – in order to sucessfully carry this project off, Best Buy provides their staff with communication guidelines and boundaries.


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My tweet cloud out of 3 months of my tweets. Top three words: social, media, nice

There you have it, the words I’ve used on Twitter ranked in order of use! Above is my tweet cloud that I just generated our of three months of my tweets. What does it all mean?

Tweet cloud was developed by @icodeforlove, the goal of the project is text analysis. It’s now in phase one so expect further developments or have fun creating your own cloud on http://tweetcloud.icodeforlove.com.


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Around 500 members of the Twitter community flocked to Vinopolis to meet offline and celebrate the second Twestival in support of local elected charity, Childline.  


Childline says "Thank you Twestival"

Twestival – what’s that?

An obvious question to your average Tweety, but let me enlighten the non Twitter community. Twestival has fast become an international initiative carried out on a local level. Each Twitter community will select a charitable cause to support. All around the world Twitter communities will get together offline to meet, network and party with ticket sales or other charitable acts through Twitter, going towards the selected charity. The second Twestival was held between September 10 – 13 around the world.


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Over 900 tweets from the public made a collaborative and interactive story or libretto as they put it in the opera world, to make the worlds’ first Twitter opera. Yes, an opera contructed collaboratively by public tweets. This opera was held as part of an open day at the Deloitte which provided small acts including opera, modern dance and magic shows to enlighten the public and get them exposed to the Royal Opera House.


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