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An open source working group, meeting on a monthly basis in London to make sense of social media measurement.

As I’m fast becoming a regular at the Measurement Camp, I thought it was time I shared my enthusiasm for this event on my blog. This event tackles in my opinion one of the biggest challenges that PR agencies have when selling social media into clients and also that in house PR professionals have when selling social media in to their senior management – measurement and ROI of social media efforts. This ultimately comes down to why should we do it, how will this help achieve the PR objectives and add to the bottom line? Ruder Finn’s report on The Future of Communications conveys this challenge of integrating social media into the communications mix and why an understanding of measurement is important.

Every month this event attracts a mixed communications crowd of about 40-50 people who meet up to discuss different methods of tracking social media campaigns and activity. Of course in discussing measurement, conversation also includes social media strategy, tactics and trends. What makes this event unique is its attendance by such a variety of people in the communications industry including PR and advertising agencies, independent consultants, in house professionals etc., all representing a range of sectors. This is where a lot of the value is derived, when you get such a diverse mix of people contributing their ideas and experiences into one conversation.



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