As one of the focuses of this blog is to share various events that I have found interesting, I thought I’d also expand this to online events and include a highly useful webinar I attended. Check out Steve Momorella’s presentation, from TEKgroup International, on how to integrate social media and its benefits into your online newsroom and program.

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As a New Zealander I grew up going through stages of loathing and loving Marmite. I realised the way to appreciate the greatness of it was to combine the thick black spread with cheese in a toasted sandwich. Marmite, “you either love it or hate it” so how do you go about launching an ‘extra strong’ Marmite. Take a look at we are social’s two phase digital campaign for their client Unilever on Marmite.

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An open source working group, meeting on a monthly basis in London to make sense of social media measurement.

As I’m fast becoming a regular at the Measurement Camp, I thought it was time I shared my enthusiasm for this event on my blog. This event tackles in my opinion one of the biggest challenges that PR agencies have when selling social media into clients and also that in house PR professionals have when selling social media in to their senior management – measurement and ROI of social media efforts. This ultimately comes down to why should we do it, how will this help achieve the PR objectives and add to the bottom line? Ruder Finn’s report on The Future of Communications conveys this challenge of integrating social media into the communications mix and why an understanding of measurement is important.

Every month this event attracts a mixed communications crowd of about 40-50 people who meet up to discuss different methods of tracking social media campaigns and activity. Of course in discussing measurement, conversation also includes social media strategy, tactics and trends. What makes this event unique is its attendance by such a variety of people in the communications industry including PR and advertising agencies, independent consultants, in house professionals etc., all representing a range of sectors. This is where a lot of the value is derived, when you get such a diverse mix of people contributing their ideas and experiences into one conversation.

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My tweet cloud out of 3 months of my tweets. Top three words: social, media, nice

There you have it, the words I’ve used on Twitter ranked in order of use! Above is my tweet cloud that I just generated our of three months of my tweets. What does it all mean?

Tweet cloud was developed by @icodeforlove, the goal of the project is text analysis. It’s now in phase one so expect further developments or have fun creating your own cloud on http://tweetcloud.icodeforlove.com.


In just over five minutes the 60 bloggers attending the London Bloggers Meetup were spoon fed 58 tips on how to build a better blog.

 This month the London Bloggers Meetup was held at Doggests Coat and Badge. Sponsor Paramount provided the drinks and some generous prizes however the highlight of the evening was blogging expert Marko Saric’s presentation.

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Around 500 members of the Twitter community flocked to Vinopolis to meet offline and celebrate the second Twestival in support of local elected charity, Childline.  


Childline says "Thank you Twestival"

Twestival – what’s that?

An obvious question to your average Tweety, but let me enlighten the non Twitter community. Twestival has fast become an international initiative carried out on a local level. Each Twitter community will select a charitable cause to support. All around the world Twitter communities will get together offline to meet, network and party with ticket sales or other charitable acts through Twitter, going towards the selected charity. The second Twestival was held between September 10 – 13 around the world.

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Over 900 tweets from the public made a collaborative and interactive story or libretto as they put it in the opera world, to make the worlds’ first Twitter opera. Yes, an opera contructed collaboratively by public tweets. This opera was held as part of an open day at the Deloitte which provided small acts including opera, modern dance and magic shows to enlighten the public and get them exposed to the Royal Opera House.

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