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Whoever said Londoners weren’t kind? Take a look at this campaign where a group of Londoners volunteer their time to campaign for kindness. Great to be involved! 

Everyday Acts of Kindness Awards Aug 16th 2009

The group known as The Kindness Offensive (TKO) worked with volunteer actors to set up scenarios where the actors were in need of help, those unsuspecting members of the public who stopped to help were rewarded for their kindness with champagne, flowers, a balloon and of course a gold medal. Volunteers clad in fluorescent vests and construction hard hats to give the celebration a whacky feel, appeared from nowhere and gathered round to cheer and throw a party with streamers and balloons. As a horn blasted a few seconds later, the crowd of volunteers dissipated leaving the surprised helper alone in the street with champagne, flowers, medal and balloon, to ponder their good deeds. This crusade carried on for three consecutive days from August  14 – 16th at different locations in London fueled by all those with a passion for promoting contagious kindness.



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