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Giving consumers a personal stake in digital campaigns seems to be rising trend propelled by Dunkin’ Donuts as they celebrate their 60th birthday with their “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” contest.This is an open contest whereby anyone can get creative and concoct their own donut creation for a chance to win a grand prize of 12000 US dollars.

The Dunkin’ Donuts campaign is being run following the success of last year’s campaign which generated more than 130,000 donut submissions and 174,000 votes. This year the one month competition is going digital.

Key digital campaign elements:

  • Making the contest come alive through the consumer – consumer driven contest
  • Putting the creativity in the hands of the consumer – allowing the consumers to get involved in product development by creating their own donut through a donut-building website, judged on ingredients, imagination and aesthetics, this gives a personal stake and personal touch to the campaign.
  • Viral / shareable – because the campaign has installed a great sense of ownership, individualism and creativity, it has a strong viral nature. Participants are able to share their saved creation over various social media sites such as facebook.

Success factors:

  • The success of the campaign will rest significantly on improving on the 2009 campaign sales results and increases in key campaign stats such as entries, votes etc.
  • The digital element of the campaign will be expected to deliver higher offline sales and competition stats.

How do you think this campaign will pan out, do you think the integration of digital has what it takes to significantly increase the success of the campaign over and above 2009?



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New to London? Wanting to expand your digital circle or knowledge? One of the key discussion points of this blog is social media events; here are eight that I would recommend for your 2010 events to do list.

The London Blog Club organised by blogging gurus Murray Newlands and Marko Saric with the help of Filip Matous

An open source event with an educational focus aimed at new and experienced bloggers to share ideas, advice and blogging goals in a supportive environment. The 2010 program promises to include a host of insightful guest speakers and its fast becoming my favourite.

The London Bloggers Meetup organised by Andy Bargery

A monthly gathering for bloggers at all levels to get together for a casual drink at different bars around central London. Drinks are usually sponsored and there are usually interesting guest speakers.

Social Media Monday organised by Barry Furby

Bringing together users / developers of Social Media & Networking tools in the UK. An open event that discusses social media and networking tools as twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress etc. across digital platforms Web, Mobile, TV, Discussion.

Tech PR drinks organised by Will Sturgeon

I have yet to attend this event however it has come recommended for drinks and networking with those in tech PR and media. The members are generally part of the worldwide LinkedIn group for PR professionals working in and around the technology industry.

Measurement camp organised by Will McInnes

A monthly open source event for anyone wishing to learn more about social media and how it can be effectively integrated and most importantly measured. The two hour session is split into presentations and case study discussion in small groups.

Inbound Marketing Meetup organised by Murray Newlands

With the growth in social shopping, this event is useful to connect with those in inbound or affiliate marketing. There is usually a short presentation from a speaker (or two), followed by a discussion and networking drinks.

Geekdrinks organised by the Beth Caroll, Katie Colbourne and Steve Berry

A notworking event for anyone in PR, marcomms or media, strictly no pitching or agendas, just fun, drinks and #goodtimes.

The Yum Cha Club organised by Kelly Chan and Selena Chan – me!

This club, open to anyone is about anything and everything to do with yum cha. Kelly started this club in 2009 and we have recently launched a blog which will be a key resource for yum cha discussion including restaurant recommendations. Every month we also scout out different restaurants that serve yum cha / dim sum around London.

All of these events include complementary attendance and all foster an open and friendly atmosphere. A great way to get to expand your digital knowledge and contacts, learn a thing or two, familiarise yourself London’s bars and have a few drinks.


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An open source working group, meeting on a monthly basis in London to make sense of social media measurement.

As I’m fast becoming a regular at the Measurement Camp, I thought it was time I shared my enthusiasm for this event on my blog. This event tackles in my opinion one of the biggest challenges that PR agencies have when selling social media into clients and also that in house PR professionals have when selling social media in to their senior management – measurement and ROI of social media efforts. This ultimately comes down to why should we do it, how will this help achieve the PR objectives and add to the bottom line? Ruder Finn’s report on The Future of Communications conveys this challenge of integrating social media into the communications mix and why an understanding of measurement is important.

Every month this event attracts a mixed communications crowd of about 40-50 people who meet up to discuss different methods of tracking social media campaigns and activity. Of course in discussing measurement, conversation also includes social media strategy, tactics and trends. What makes this event unique is its attendance by such a variety of people in the communications industry including PR and advertising agencies, independent consultants, in house professionals etc., all representing a range of sectors. This is where a lot of the value is derived, when you get such a diverse mix of people contributing their ideas and experiences into one conversation.


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